It all started with 2 friends. Alexander Koning and Michel Becks in 1992. The parties were getting boring and Alexander just started his record-store "Trancentral" in Haarlem. The 2 met in the store and had an immediate click.

Within a few months of meeting each other they started to do parties in and around Amsterdam and Haarlem under the name "Eye on the Future". The parties took place in the grimy docks of Amsterdam and in clubs like Mazzo, Stalker, and Time. Within 2 years the parties started to get so big that they had to move to bigger locations like "De Hemkade" en "De Lichtfabriek".

Eye on the future was the first organization that focussed on the bigger techno parties in The Netherlands. They were the first to invite DJ's like Adam Beyer, Ben Sims, Chris Liebing, Joel Mull, Monika Kruse, Valentino Kanzyani, etc. The new breed of techno producers found their home at "Eye on the Future". After a while, the two were a bit fed up with techno and other organizations also started to book the DJ's that they booked for the first time in The Netherlands.

They took a step back from techno and decided to really go back in time. That is when "The beginning" saw the light. In 1998 it was time to get back to 89/94. To relive the old vibe. To connect with the old pioneers of house in the Netherlands.

It was a massive success. And till today "The Beginning" is still doing parties throughout The Netherlands.

The Beginning is home to several concepts now and is still the leading organization when it comes to rave, old-school, acid, and techno parties. In 2012 Michel and Alexander parted ways but remained good friends. Alexander is the main force behind "The Beginning" now.